The Missoula Education Foundation announced on Monday a new vaccination incentive program called ‘406 Vaxxed and Proud’, to encourage Missoula high school students to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Introducing the program on a ZOOM call with media was Foundation Executive Director Susan Tower.

“We are the affiliated foundation for Missoula County Public Schools and we are thrilled today to be announcing our 406 Vaxxed and Proud incentive campaign,” said Tower. Missoula County vaccinated so that we can get to our goal of community immunity.”

Tower provided more information on the incentive program.

“16 to 18 year olds who live in Missoula County and are currently enrolled in participating high school degree programs can enter the drawing once they have completed their first dose and are eligible for prizes,” she said. “When they are fully vaccinated, the grand prize will be an E-bike, and second and third prizes include scholarships, gaming systems and Chromebooks.”

Missoula County Health Officer Ellen Leahy provided the numbers of adults compared to teens who have been vaccinated as of Monday.

“Right now the overall population in Missoula County, as of this morning has reached 57%, who have already received at least their first dose, and most of them their second dose, comparing that with our high school age group, that's about 30%,” said Leahy. “So they're about half of where the rest of the population is.”

MCPS Superintendent Rob Watson encouraged teens to get vaccinated and enter the new ‘406 Vaxxed and Proud’ campaign.

“The percentage of 16 to 18 year-olds that are vaccinated is much lower than the percentages for the other age groups in our county, and there's really no reason for that,” said Watson. “We have plenty of vaccine appointments and options for kids, and we know now is the time to really get that done. We have a really relatively short window with our students before the end of the school year. So our goal is to really get as many vaccinated as we can before the end of the school year.”

Get more information on the incentive program here.


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