Earlier this week I was putting together a list of all the local places I've seen post their versions of the Bernie Sanders Meme. My favorite might be the one where Bernie is sitting at the end of the tunnel that leads out to a snowy Washington-Grizzly Stadium and he's wondering when we'll get to see Griz football again.

But just when we thought the fun would end with simple Bernie memes - I saw this and had to shine the spotlight on one woman's efforts to bring some fun to her Missoula neighborhood.

Yep, that's just what it looks like! She went above and beyond in her meme game and produced a full Bernie Sanders cutout that she's put in her yard and invited visitors to take a picture with. The only rules are that you have to be gentle with Bernie, pictures end at 10 PM when Bernie heads in for the night, and you can't take Bernie with you (the cameras are watching!)

I sent a message inquiring as to how the Bernie Sanders meme came to life for Missoulians to take pictures with. Turns out it was your typical scenario of taking an online image, blowing it up for size, sending it in to Staples, picking it up 30 minutes later, gluing it on foam board, cutting it out with a blade, and strapping it to an old milk can. You have to love the creativity and it sounds like Bernie is quite the popular neighbor.

It seems like everyone is getting a kick out of #BernieMittons. I saw a post on the Nextdoor app along with a bunch of approving comments:

"What a fun idea! Thanks for your creativity and generosity in sharing Bernie."

"I saw this while driving down Arthur yesterday! I could barely believe my eyes. Thanks for the uplifting laugh."

"Priceless! You rock! Thanks for the giggles!"

"Thanks SO MUCH! What a fun community gift."

Another one of the comments on the post was from Jeanie Leidholt and she was showing off her Bernie artwork that you can get on her Etsy page:

Photo: Jeanie Leidholt
Photo: Jeanie Leidholt

If you want one, you can order one for $10 HERE, email thatswhatshesews@gmail.com, or visit Jeanie's Etsy shop HERE.

Bernie Sanders and his mittens - the gift that keeps on giving!

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