We're all excited about the new WinCo that'll be opening in Missoula next week. I was reading a Missoulian article about it and they also had a tiny mention of another new place in town. Have you seen/heard about Toast Missoula on the Hip Strip? It's where the old Iza restaurant used to be - 529 S. Higgins. Iza closed their doors in December - just before Christmas.

The new Toast Missoula is described as a boutique cafe........and now you're probably asking how that's any different than a regular cafe, right? Well, that's a question that I don't have an answer for - but you and I think alike so I had to hit Google to try and find an answer. After a good 15-20 seconds of research......it seems like it doesn't really means anything specific. But it sure makes it sound fancy and now I want to try it!

Actually, it isn't the name that makes me want to eat at Toast Missoula - it's the pictures on their website. Everything looks delicious! They offer an assortment of coffees as well as food like pastries, breakfast items, pizzas, and salads. I think I've already decided that my first order will be a huckleberry milkshake. Or from the "Toasts" portion of the menu I might have to try The Elvis - banana, Nutella, thinly sliced pancetta, local honey on toasted ciabatta.

Under the ABOUT US section of their website you'll find the following note from the owner of Toast:

I love food, cooking, creating and serving. The Idea of "Toast" came to me as I began to look for a way to combine coffee, savory and sweet.  

I created my menu to fit with this passion. Locally sourced pastries and ingredients along with our special coffee from "Ghost Town Coffee", a micro roaster from Bozeman. We offer a variety of food and drinks in a Boutique Cafe setting right here in the Town Center of Big Sky Montana.

Please join us. We look forward to serving you.

Kristin Voisin, Owner

Check out the menu HERE - and visit Toast at 529 S. Higgins. The website says they're open 7 days a week - 8A-5P.

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