If you go looking for this store in Missoula MT, good luck finding it.

The GEICO advertising creative team never seems to rest. They're always trying to re-invent humorous ways to get a very simple message across. And one of their latest entries shows a bumper sticker with a town name we're very familiar with, and a store name we're not.

Those of us with a keen eye (and too much time spent watching TV) have caught this one as part of GEICO's new "I should look into GEICO" campaign. The opening scene is a group of campers discussing their satisfaction with GEICO. A non-policy holder contemplates looking into their services as the camera pans to the rear of his RV, full of talking animal tourist stickers, including the one here commemorating Missoula's Buffalo Plains General Store. While the store is fictitious, the buffalo does seem to have its act together, unlike the insecure moose on another sticker. You can see the full ad below. And I'll meet you for a root beer at the Buffalo Plains after work.


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