This group has been tying for the last few months and they are gaining new members and new tiers all the time. Last night they had their final tying of the season at Western Cider.

It was a lot of fun and a good turn out. They had over 20 gals there, and it was cool to check out the new cider house. In the December of 2015 I met these ladies and we started tying at houses and they expanded it and couldn't be more happy with the progress. Emerald and Jenni were the ladies that kind of head this thing. Jenni taught a couple flies and Emerald hosted. Clark Fork Coalition was there with some goodies and information.

We all did fish faces for our photo which was fitting. Thanks to my friends at Grizzly Hackle for helping with vises and bobbins.



    Orvis Down the Hatch Guide Olympic Footage

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