When the Fourth of July rolls around, there are usually a few things you can rely on every year: barbecues, a day off, people posting pictures of flags on Facebook, the whole deal. And of course, you can usually expect some fireworks.

Or at least, most years you can expect fireworks, anyway. In 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little bit different than normal. Since large groups of people aren't supposed to gather in one place, we've already heard that the Fourth of July fireworks show in Whitefish has already been cancelled. As far as Missoula goes, as of right now Fourth Fest is still scheduled to take place over at the Southgate Mall - so we'll have to see how they plan to handle social distancing protocols.

But if you're looking to have your own private fireworks show, you should know that fireworks stands actually opened up throughout Montana this week, and stands around Missoula were able to open up today, June 24th. One of the owners of a stand in Flathead described some of the cleaning and social distancing they've been doing to operate, so hopefully the stands across the entire state can follow through on that.

Are you planning on lighting off some fireworks this year? Be careful, and try not to disturb the neighbors (or their dogs, for that matter).

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