It's probably no surprise at this point to hear that something that was planned to be in person has to be done virtually in the year 2020 - that's kinda just where we're at right now.

Every year, Missoula Rural Firefighters L2457 hold their "Fill The Boot" fundraiser, in an attempt to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association - and even though they can't hold an event this year, they can still reach people online, so that's what they're doing.

They've been working to raise money for the MDA for more than 60 years, with fire fighters out on street corners collecting money. This year, the goal is to raise ten thousand dollars, and the fundraiser will go through labor day.

Would you like to make a donation? Help out the community, the children and adults who suffer from muscular dystrophy, and help fund research to change what the future could look like for them? Then you should visit their website, where you can place your donation directly.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to do things differently, but I think it's great that we've figured out new ways to make many of those things still happen - it shows how innovative we can be when we're backed into a corner. Will you be donating to the Fill The Boot fundraiser?

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