The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 10 new criminal complaints this week, which is still slightly below average. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, seven of those cases involved partner or family member violence.

“In one of those cases, the defendant called his ex-girlfriend, asked her to drop an order of protection, and had gifts delivered to her, which is a violation of that order of protection,” Pabst said. “In another, the defendant allegedly shoved his wife. On the next day, he allegedly slapped her and threatened her. In another, a woman allegedly hit her daughter in the head multiple times during an argument. In one case, the defendant pushed the victim into a wall and attempted to sexually assault her. When she attempted to call 911, he threw her phone and fled.”

In another case, the defendant went to her boyfriend’s house and an argument ensued. She allegedly took out a gun and fired off a round near the victim’s head.

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“We charged one attempted assault with a weapon,” Pabst said. “In that case, the defendant allegedly pulled out a gun during a road rage incident and followed the victim around town while waving his gun out the window. We charged a man with theft and criminal trespass to vehicle for allegedly syphoning gas, entering a vehicle, and stealing items including tools and a checkbook. He was apparently caught on surveillance.”

Pabst said her office also charged a fugitive from justice. In that case, the defendant had a warrant out of Oregon alleging three counts of theft.

Pabst said she is especially concerned about the high number of violent crimes that involve partners or family members.

“It is concerning for us because intimate partner violence, along with other factors, can indicate future violence and lethality factors include the defendant and the victim’s history, whether or not a weapon was used, and whether or not the defendant resorted to strangulation,” Pabst said. “Together, we look at those pretty carefully because we are trying to prevent future homicides.”

You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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