The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed nine new criminal complaints this week, which is the lowest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, County Attorney Kirsten Pabst said four of those cases involved interpersonal violence.

“In one of those, the defendant was charged with criminal endangerment for repeatedly coming to his ex-girlfriend’s residence,” Pabst said. “The last time that he was there, he allegedly fired a revolver. Another person was charged with criminal endangerment and partner or family member assault third offense for allegedly driving erratically and aggressively into oncoming traffic, with the victim in the vehicle with him.”

Two other individuals were charged with violating an order of protection. Pabst said one defendant was charged with several crimes.

“There was a series of crimes for an assault on two of his roommates,” Pabst said. “He was charged with two counts of criminal endangerment for strangling each of them and two counts of sexual assault against the same victims. Another person was charged with deceptive practices. The allegation there is that he went into a local hardware store, charged over a thousand dollars to an account that didn’t belong to him, and then attempted a larger charge the next day. That charge was denied and he was arrested.”

According to Pabst, her office also charged two new drug cases.

“One was possession of methamphetamine,” Pabst said. “Another was possession of meth and heroin with the intent to sell. That defendant was also charged with theft for being in a stolen vehicle from Butte. He was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and obstructing a peace officer for providing a false name when he was arrested.”

Pabst said another individual was charged with identity theft and impersonation of a public servant. In that particular case, the defendant allegedly harassed a law enforcement officer’s family and created a false account on social media.

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