The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 19 new criminal complaints this week. Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings appeared on Talk Back Friday morning and he provided KGVO with his report.

“There were three violent crimes and they were all non-family violence,” Jennings said. “We had three endangerment crimes and I will come back to those in a second. We had six property crimes and they were almost all thefts. We had three drug crimes and they were all meth related. We had four administrative crimes and that is kind of a broad catch all category. Within that, we had one escape this week. While that is a pretty rare charge, we have had several of them just this year alone. In this case, it is alleged that someone slipped their handcuffs and took off running while being apprehended by law enforcement.”

According to Jennings, a lot of these endangerment crimes involve dangerous behavior associated with drunk driving.

“This week we had two very alarming incidents of drunk drivers driving the wrong way down the interstate and injuring other people,” said Jennings. “It is just a reminder for everybody on the roadways to be safe of your own conduct. Try to make sure that your friends and family are also being safe. Do not drink and drive. If you do see somebody drinking and driving, make sure you call 911 and report it. Do your duty to the public and protect other motorists.”

Jennings said the drunk driving issue in our community has to stop. He hopes we can all work together to prevent those incidents and that we hold people accountable if they are injuring others on the roadway.

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