Missoula County Sheriff's deputies have spent the day assisting their Mineral County counterparts in helping to evacuate residents in the area in the path of the West Fork Fish Creek fire complex.

Captain Bill Burt said Stage Three evacuations were ordered for all of Fish Creek Road from I-90 to the Mineral County/Missoula County line.

"While were were putting a team together to contact residents in the Petty Creek area for a pre-evacuation notice, we received a call for assistance from the Mineral County Sheriff," Burt said. "That team went to Fish Creek and spent the better part of the afternoon helping to complete those evacuations."

Burt said later in the afternoon they were able to put a second team together to continue their Petty Creek pre-evacuation notices.

"We got them up into the Petty Creek area, and I believe we reached every resident on Petty Creek," Burt continued. "They're at the 'Set' part of the 'Ready - Set- Go' doctrine. We were handing out pamphlets with the yellow 'Set' information. I really think more people, especially in the outlying areas, should be using that Smart 9-1-1 system. It's really helpful to us, and to people who live in rural areas."

A call to Mineral County dispatch did not reveal any evacuation shelter, or how many residents were evacuated from the area.

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