There was good news and bad news with Oktoberfest celebrations today. The 11th Annual Great Northwest Oktoberfest in Whitefish was canceled. Other items to file under bummer news is that Oktoberfest celebrations at Bayern Brewing and Germanfest at Caras Park won't be happening this year either. But on a happier note, Missoula will get a chance to celebrate Oktoberfest - just in a little different way than we normally do.

COVID-19 may have dished out another low blow when it comes to being able to hold big events with crowds, but that just created an opportunity for Oktoberfest to adapt to the situation like we've all had to do in 2020. This year's celebrations will be split into events that will make up A Taste of Oktoberfest. It's presented by Global and Cultural AffairsARTS Missoula and Bayern Brewing Inc.

You'll be able to purchase German Beer Steins at:
Bayern Brewing Inc.
Edelweiss Bistro
The Stone of Accord
The Thomas Meagher Bar
Iron Horse Bar & Grill

You can choose between a couple different stein options ($40 and $25) and each location will feature specials and smaller socially distant events. There's a limited number of steins so make sure you get one while you can. The fun starts the week of September 14th and will be spread out over three weeks. Get more details on the A Taste of Oktoberfest Facebook event page.

We can sit around and pout all we want about our normal Oktoberfest activities being altered. Or, we can all make a pact to drink just a bit more at this event to show the coronavirus that it won't win. I opt for the latter.

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