Even though they will be closing their doors for good soon, we wanted to applaud a Missoula business for so generously answering the call.

Most of you are familiar with the shooting spree last Thursday that began in Missoula and ended in Evaro, resulting in one count of deliberate homicide and three counts of attempted deliberate homicide, including on the life of a Montana Highway Patrol officer. Here is what one Missouia business is doing to help:

According to their social media posts, "The Garden of Read'n will write a total of 4 checks between today and the day the doors close for good. Those 4 checks will be written to the 4 families whose lives were rocked in a split second...Currently the account balance is $32,196.45, which means that each grieving family is guaranteed $8,049.86. The owners of the Garden have pledged to pay every business expense out of their own pocket, which includes payroll, rent, utilities, etc, so that every dollar you spend will go directly to the families...Garden of Read'n still has a tremendous amount of inventory and fixtures still for sale. Thank you and God Bless."



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