It'll be nice when the summer hits and we're getting more consistently nice weather. So far, in April and May, it seems like we'll have a couple of awesome days in the mid-70s, and then suddenly temperatures drop 30 degrees and it's raining! But as we're moving into the summer, I'm thinking that should (hopefully) go away.

Which is why it's probably a safe bet that a hike in the middle of July will be on a pretty nice day - a perfect time for you to check out the 4th annual Big Sky Challenge Hike over at the Montana Snowbowl.

This is an event that benefits the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana and features a few different distances you can hike - a 1 mile loop, a four mile trail, or the eight mile challenge (I'm assuming that's unrelated to the movie 8 Mile, but you can still lose yourself in the music if you want to).

The event will be held on July 11th at Montana Snowbowl, though there will be a virtual option for people to check out if they'd rather do that, too. Kids 12 and under get in for free, then it's $10 for ages 13 to 17 or $25 for adults.

For more info on the event, you can check out their Facebook event page. And to register for the event and start raising money, you can do that right here.

Think you'll be checking out this year's Missoula Big Sky Challenge Hike? Think you can handle the full eight miles, or will you go for one of the shorter trails?

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