We all have those little wins where we get to celebrate our accomplishments. Saving money, losing weight, getting a promotion at work, etc. But it has to be an even better feeling when you pour your heart and soul into a passion project and then see some positive results. I was poking around Twitter today and saw a post where a guy was talking about his book being on the best sellers list for Amazon. It just took a second to see that the author was from Missoula and his book was set in Missoula as well. And technically his book was on the list but we'll get to more on that story in a minute.

The guy's name is Steve Saroff and his book is called Paper Targets: Art Can Be Murder. Hey, that's a pretty catchy title and I could see myself checking it out based on the name alone.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

A runaway involved in computer crime, and a stalker who confesses through her art to murder, have their paths collide while both are struggling to understand their failures in love. This is a fast-moving literary novel about money buried in the mountains of Montana; a wise bail-bondsman who lives in his pickup; a detective who draws lines between incorrect assumptions; art; murder; and redemption.

It sounds like it could be an interesting read and pretty fun to have the Missoula/Montana connection. As for the book being on Amazon's bestsellers list for a couple of different categories.....there is a bit of a catch. As Steve Saroff mentioned in one of his social media posts, the digital version of his book was free to download this week and that helped it climb the rankings.

I love how he says it could be because it's free or that it might just be a good story. Ha! It still has to be a good feeling to know a book you wrote is being downloaded and about to be read by a lot of people  If you want to find out for yourself if it's indeed a good story, it's available to purchase on Amazon or you can download the e-book for Kindle and the Kindle app. And in Missoula, you can pick up a copy at Shakespear and Co. (103 S. 3rd St.)

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