The weather is starting to get nice.  How about a companion for all those spring walks you're about to go on?  Or maybe you can just open your home to a lazy house cat.

Missoula Animal Control will have their 'Boiler Special' from March 25th to March 30th.  If your first question is "what's does Boiler Special mean?", then you think just like I do.  Well.....they're trying to clear the shelter of as many animals as possible before they get a new boiler installed.  Yep, simple as it sounds.

The cat adoption fee is $45 and dog adoption fee is $55 (plus the cost of licensing) during the event.

And Missoula Animal Control wants to spread the word with about the following dates:
April 1st to April 14th the shelter will not be taking owner surrenders and the dog kennel will be closed for dog viewing or dog walking.

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