I know...the headline sounds like a setup for a Montana State joke. But we are not going there.

The Fall Mack Days lake trout fishing tournament is going on at Flathead Lake. This past weekend some contestants had to take a break from the competition to do a little cat-fishing.

Bob and Bobbi Hereford of Missoula saw something struggling in the water quite a distance from shore, so they navigated their way over to see what it was. They came up on a young bobcat that appeared very disoriented and obviously tired. They were able to net the little critter and pull it to shore. The Hereford's son very carefully released the cat from the netting and it made its way along the shoreline. Some other anglers saw it later and said it was moving like it knew where it was going.

We hope their efforts were rewarded with an abundant lake trout catch the rest of the day.

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