At any level of an international film competition, being name best actor is a pretty sensational accolade.

And Missoula, Montana happens to be home to this year's recipient. In his usual, low-key humble manner, the response to my congratulatory phone call was, "Isn't that cool?" Uh, yeah, we're with you on that one, pal.

Missoula singer, songwriter, actor and business owner Shane Clouse (Pink Grizzly Greenhouse) has received more acknowledgements for his starring role as Quint Reagan, in the made-in-Montana western movie Eye For Eye. Last week, Shane was named Best Actor in a Feature Film at the Cannes International Cinema Festival. Also, the film's director and author of the novella on which the movie is based, L. Martin, who has deep roots in Montana, won the festival's award for Best First Time Director in a Feature Film.

Not to downplay, but rather for the sake of clarity, this is not the world-famous Cannes International Film Festival, whose award winners over the years are a stunning who's who of Hollywood's elite actors. A quick visit to their home page reveals the full disclosure: "Cannes Indies Cinema Festival is an international online competition dedicated to independent filmmakers and screenwriters of all genres...We are not the Cannes Film Festival but we are also inspired by the importance of Cannes film Festival...Therefore we have named our festival after the most important cinematic place in the history of cinema and film festivals."

So, according to Shane Clouse, an offshoot, but still a really big deal. From Shane's Facebook page: "I guess someone thought I did a decent job. Although it helps to have great support and opportunity. Larry Martin gave me a playing field and enabled me to have a starting position. Any accolades really go to Kelly Clouse (Shane's wife) as she is the reason I continue to perform."

Shane also told me that he is currently reading a script for another western that would go into production in 2023.

Proud of ya, buddy. And congratulations!

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