Listen, I realize this isn't the most appealing pic in the world, it just looks like a common bowl of slop, but I assure you, it's bomb. Everyone knows I love the Western Montana Fair and attend every single day each year, but what I really miss around mid-winter is a good 'ol fashioned Rocky Mountainaires tater pig.

So, a few years back, more like a decade back, I concocted a homemade Tater Pig Casserole. It's not creative, hell, it's not even a casserole, but it's damn good. Also, I absolutely will not encourage you to "follow me for more recipes," the only other things I know how to make are fry bread and huckleberry pie from scratch. Anyway, try this.

-boil russet potatoes and mash 'em up (for quantity I figure 1 spud per eater, 2 spuds per eater if you got some hungry mofos) Leave the skins on for added nutrition and an authentic Tater Pig taste.

-while your taters are boilin, fry up a package of Daily's link sausages and cut 'em up into bite sized pieces

-throw your sausage bites into your mashed spuds, assuming that you added butter, milk and salt to your potatoes. Real butter, don't come at me with that margarine crap.

-mix in a small container of sour cream and sprinkle the top with grated medium cheddar cheese. This all happens in the original potato boiling pot, no need to dirty up additional dishes.

-salt and pepper to taste.

Perfect when you're ballin on a budget, too, cheap as hell to make. It's a carb lovers dream, so don't be making this every week. To enjoy more Fair Foods, check out Paradise Falls this Friday, August 7th for their special $5 menu!

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