Mother Nature teased us a bit to start our winter. We saw a little bit of snow here and some flakes there, but we didn't really get that big dump to announce that winter has officially arrived. All was pretty calm on the snow front, then we ended up having a white Christmas, and now we're just coming off of our snowiest 48 hours of the winter. I actually love the snow, aside from the chapped lips, kids not being able to find their gloves, front steps that become deathtraps, and having to rescue my wife because of her non-winter vehicle.

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

Where do you think we ranked?

If you're not a fan of the winter weather, maybe you can find your own little bit of joy in the misfortune of others.  Thrillist has an article that ranks every state based on how miserable its winters are, and it may not do much to cheer you up, but we actually fare better than quite a few states.

The best winters on the list? You guessed it, all the typical warm-weather places that you would naturally think of. Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, and California got the bragging rights and finished in the top spots. That makes sense with those being the places everybody heads to when the weather at home starts to turn ugly. After a bit of scrolling through the article, you'll find Montana falling into place with the twelfth worst winters on their list.

How did we end up at #12?

Here's what they had to say about Montana's wintery weather with a mix of science and sarcasm.

Did you know that the Continental Divide can create distinct differences in sunlight, wind, precipitation, and temperature, depending on whether you’re in the eastern or western part of the state? Did you know that, either way, all the insufferable celebrities who thought it’d be “rustic” to own a ranch up there sure as shit aren’t taking advantage of said property in January? Wait… maybe that’s actually a positive?

Well, in this case, #12 is better than #1

You might not be a fan of freezing temps and snowy days but as the saying goes, it could always be worse. And according to this list, there are eleven states that have it worse than us.

Credit: Thrillist

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