Each day this week Miranda Lambert is giving fans a sampling of the music to be found on ‘Four the Record’ when it’s released next Tuesday. Today, she’s revealed the carefree, swinging love song ‘Easy Living.’

By listening to each of the five songs this week and scanning the QR code on each of the five partner websites that are previewing the tracks, fans can win a flyaway to see Lambert at an upcoming concert. The Boot has today’s exclusive premiere of ‘Easy Living,’ a song Lambert co-wrote with Scotty Wray.

“The weather man say rain today / We’ll saddle up and be on our way / What’s a little rain to a high ridin’ rebel or two / ‘Cause it’s easy living, easy loving you,” she sings during the first verse.

The song is an unexplored style for Lambert. It would be a stretch to say it’s similar to anything from ‘Revolution’ or previous albums. Lambert tells Taste of Country that she was trying to push the boundaries on the new project. “If you don’t take risks you’ll never get ahead,” she says. “You won’t get anywhere past where you were.”

Tomorrow that ol’ sun will rise / I’ll be laying here by your side / Coffee cups and a good morning kiss or two / ‘Cause it’s easy living, easy loving you,” she sings to close the song.

Previously this week, Lambert unveiled ‘Over You‘ and ‘Fastest Girl in Town.’