Ask people what movie truly frightened them, and the answer is subjective, according to how old they were when they watched the movie. The “time capsule” for creepy flicks remains stuck on particular favorites from the past.

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    Stephen King’s way of making audiences fear clowns (and sewer drains). This movie forever changed how we look at clowns after the evil “Pennywise”. This clown upped the ante for horror because it preyed on other’s deep fears. Worse, “IT” went after children.

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    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    One of the grittiest best horror flicks of all time. Disturbing storyline of lost kids exploring an old pig farm where their fate is met by the cannibals who live there. When the original version of this movie emerged, it was banned in many countries, and the horror movie business was redefined giving life to the gore movies made today. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a sheer terror must-see for true horror fans.

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    Nightmare on Elm Street

    A psychological mind twisting movie that in its debut, shocked audiences with confusion between dreams and reality. This flick brought the worst nightmares to life with just the words “don’t fall asleep”. Slasher films were born from this movie concept. Critics still rave about the ability of Nightmare on Elm Street to play with the boundaries of reality and nightmares.

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    So what makes this movie so scary? Not knowing the actual history of a home before it is purchased, the original ‘white noise’ premise, a child getting stolen by anything…let alone a poltergeist, and graves floating on a rain logged swimming pool dug out. And the psychic-mediums creepy voice. The first time viewing this movie disturbed many people for a long time. It is the ultimate ghostly haunted house story.

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    Because an escapee from a mental hospital is a riveting possibility. Because a serial killer on the loose is a too-close-for-comfort real life scenario. And because “Halloween” has possibly the best scary music for any horror movie ever made that no one ever forgets. Watching a mask wearing homicidal maniac is always a top choice event on the night of Halloween.