It may just be the start of 2017 but MCT is well into their season. As we just wrap up the holidays, I am reminded of how much fun it is this time of year to take in some theater fun. From October to Christmas, MCT had something for you to see and enjoy. Winter months are the best to be cozy inside Missoula Community Theater and we still have a few more to go!

The halls of MCT downtown Missoula was filled with cheers as ' A Christmas Story' The musical was on stage for the month of December, a hard one to top. Now looking forward to the schedule for 2017, what do they have on tap next?

MCT is known for bringing something for everyone and a diverse selection of musicals and plays. This one may

Premiering Jan 19th is a story unlike the ones onstage the last few months at MCT, this story isn't necessarily for the young kids.

" Imagine a world where a 20-year drought has made water so scarce that private bathrooms are banned by the government, public toilets are tightly regulated and Megacorporation Urine Good Company charges for “The Privilege to Pee.” What happens, though, if you can’t afford to pay? This satirical musical is full of outrageous and contemporary “PeeG-13” humor, yet still tells a compelling story appropriate for high school ages and older. The Broadway production received numerous accolades, including three Tony Awards. "

January 19-29 is when you can check out 'Urine-Town the Musical'.

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