It’s that time of year again. Missoula County Public Schools are currently registering new students for kindergarten, according to Public Information Director Hatton Littman.

“We are so excited,” said Littman. “Can you believe it's already time to get ready for kindergarten” If there is a youth in the community who lives in the boundaries of our elementary schools, and we have nine in Missoula County Public Schools, and they will be five on or before September 10, then it's time to register for kindergarten.”

Littman said there are several different methods that can be used to register a child for kindergarten, due to concerns about COVID 19.

“This year we just have a lot more options for how you can register,” she said. “So families that are comfortable with going to their neighborhood school can go to the school. They'll just be allowed into the secure entry vestibule so they can pick up a paper registration packet, and then they'll have to drop it off at a later time, because we're not letting folks inside the building.”

Littman said there are other methods available for kindergarten registration.

“You can download all the forms and fill them out as a ‘fillable pdf’ off of our website, or you can actually get into our registration portal on the website and start your registration there and do everything online,” she said. “So we just have a lot of options for how families can engage in the process.”

Littman said there are a few more steps before a child can be successfully registered.

“When families complete the registration form, their registration is not completely done until they give us three extra things,” she said. “The student's birth certificate, their proof of immunizations, and two forms of address verification so that we can confirm that the student actually lives in the address you provide on your paperwork.”

Littman said those new to Missoula need to know that there are other districts in Missoula that are not part of School District One, such as Target Range, DeSmet and Hellgate Elementary, all of which have their own registration information.

The elementary schools in MCPS include Chief Charlo, Franklin, Hawthorne, Jeannette Rankin, Lewis and Clark, Lowell, Paxson, Rattlesnake, and Russell.


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