It was a rough end to the school year for both students and parents this year. Kids having to spend the last few months away from friends, the whole learning from home adventure, students not getting to finish at a school before moving onto a new one in the fall, the cancellation of sports, seniors not getting to experience a typical end to their school career, the possibility of cancelled graduations that eventually were allowed to take place..........yep, not your typical last few months of school.

We have a kindergartner starting in the fall and it feels like that cloud of uncertainty is still hanging over our heads when it comes to how the 2020-2021 school year will begin. Actually, today I received an email from our school saying that in a typical year we would have already visited the school, met some staff, and had plans for a couple summer play dates at the school. They did say they were hoping to be able to host a few activities by the time August rolls around.

Kids might not want to think about it yet, but I know parents are interested in what to expect at the end of summer. Right now, it looks like Missoula County Public Schools are proceeding with the plan of students returning to school for the start of the upcoming year. They released some information regarding how they're approaching things moving forward. A lot of decisions are still to be made and will be based on where things stand with COVID-19 as the school year draws near.

The information below is from the MSPC website. You can also view it HERE


Return to School Workgroup Explores Options for a Safe and Healthy 2020-21 School Year

It is the intention of Missoula County Public Schools to reopen our schools for in-person, face-to-face instruction for the 2020-21 school year.

As we put together our plan for reopening our 18 school campuses, we want to share the guiding principles that inform our decisions:

    • Our plan will be responsive to the physical and mental health and wellness of our students and staff.
    • Our plan will be based on the COVID-19 outbreak conditions in Missoula and surrounding counties.
    • Our plan will adhere to the guidelines and directives of the Governor, the Missoula City County Health Department, the Montana Office of Public Instruction, and the Centers for Disease Control.
    • Our plan relies on flexibility, adaptation, and collaboration from students, families, staff, and the greater Missoula community.
    • We recognize that Seeley Lake High School, Willard Alternative Learning High School Program and Jefferson Early Learning Center have smaller student populations and will be able to host more students in a face to face instructional setting.
    • The changing nature of the COVID-19 virus will mean that our plan will change and adapt to new guidance. We will continue to provide updates to our plan for parents and families.

Please see the resources on this page to learn more about what instruction in the fall may look like for your student.


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