Hundreds of apple fans crowded around the Ravalli County Museum for the annual Apple Day celebration Saturday, October 5. The McIntosh apples, grown locally, were the stars of the day. Apple pies and apple pie slices were sold, along with sliced apples in little pools of caramel. The smell of apple butter being cooked in a large kettle was drifting through the area. And the Hamilton Farmers Market doubled in size with vendors from around the area invited for the day.

In the evening, another grand gathering happened as adults filled the museum lawn for Liquid Apple Night - with a huge selection of hard apple ciders and other beverages and food, along with some live music. Burning barrels were there to keep the cold away. Profits from the day support the continued operation of the Ravalli County Museum.

museum pie sales
Wanna buy a pie? (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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