Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital has opened a new Respiratory Services area separate from the hospital building. Dr. April Weinberger, Chief of the Medical Staff, told KLYQ that the triage location (photo above) helps make the hospital safer by separating patients with communicable diseases such as influenza, COVID-19 and pertussis from the general hospital population. The main reason for the tent was, of course, COVID-19, but if you're suffering any of the following symptoms (chest congestion, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat), you should call the Respiratory Services number at (406) 375-4762 and they will determine if the new facility might be right for you.

Elsewhere at the Hamilton hospital, Dr. Weinberger said that facemasks are now required of the staff and anyone coming into the buildings. There are special areas established for possible COVID-19 patients and the staff has conducted training on how to deal with such cases. Also, the hospital has increased its "telehealth" services with Daly Connect, where most of the doctors can conduct a virtual appointment with you for non-emergency medical issues. Daly Connect is web-based and you can use your cellphone, computer or tablet to connect. For more details, check the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital website. The site also has a wealth of information concerning the current pandemic and what the health providers are doing to address it. By the way, the main entrance to the hospital is through the Emergency Room doors until further notice. Public health classes this spring have been cancelled and the May 13th "Stop the Bleed" class will not happen, either. The June 11th Daly Hospital Foundation 2020 Gala has been cancelled.

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