FFS Montana.

Halloween was pretty low key this year as most people are doing their best not to spread or contract COVID-19. However, things weren't so low key over in Glasgow, Montana, where one resident got himself featured on TMZ for dressing up like a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

According to the Facebook post below, this guy in a KKK hood and robe was spotted at Dink's bar on Saturday, Halloween, night. An update on the post later in the evening says the guy went on to win the top prize in the costume contest at a bar called Sam and Jeff's in Glasgow. You'll also notice that the poster asked people not to share the addresses of those involved, which is understandable as Glasgow has a population of less than 3,500 and this man's actions were completely reprehensible.


TMZ quotes the guy in the sheets as saying, "What started as an innocent costume escalated and there are no excuses for it and I can not take that back." Dressing up as a member of a white supremacist hate group...innocent. Dude's certainly innocent of logic and reasoning, can't say he's displayed any of that.

The owner of Sam & Jeff's posted the following on Sunday, November 1st.

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