A few months ago I was headed to work and looked out my front door into the darkness of the early morning. I thought it was pretty cool as I saw a big ol' raccoon on the porch staring back at me. But my raccoon encounter has nothing on this guy's experience. He was taking a stroll to the mailbox when a moose came charging at him right outside his home!

A wild video from a Bozeman Fairbanks man

When I was first reading the story it said it happened to a Bozeman man and I was thinking, "wow, that's crazy!"  But then I wondered how I didn't hear about such a newsworthy story, especially if it was local and it just happened a few weeks ago. There are actually multiple outlets that list the story as happening here in Montana. But it would appear that isn't the case. A little poking around shows other versions of the story, along with the actual video on YouTube, have the moose encounter taking place in Alaska. Bummer! But even though it didn't happen in Montana, it's still a pretty wild video to see. Thank goodness for security cameras that capture cool things like this.

Wow! That guy is lucky that he happened to look up when he did. It's not quite a rock and a hard place, but he was about to be stuck between a moose and a pickup truck and that doesn't seem like it would be all that much better of a scenario. And how about some bravery points for the dog?

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I'm guessing that guy got back inside, gave his pup some smooches, changed his underwear, and went right to the video footage to see how close he came to getting run over by that moose!

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