An Idaho man is in mounds of trouble after his butterfingers tripped a security alarm at a Missoula convenience store early Thursday morning, June 7.

"A little after 2:00 a.m., officers responded to the report of a burglary alarm at a convenience store in the 3300 block of Brooks Street," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "When they arrived officers found an open door to the business and one officer reported that he could see a male inside. The officers made contact with the male and Identified him as 40-year-old Shane Rubow from Hayden, Idaho."

It appears that Mr. Rubow was a few days away from payday as he took good and plenty merchandise from the store without paying, he is now wearing a hue of Reeces Pieces orange.

"Initially he said he was coming over to get a beer and that the store was open and he walked in, while the officers were speaking with him, they also noticed that Mr. Rubow had several candy bars in his pockets that he had apparently taken while inside the store," Welsh said. "He was taken into custody and transported to the Missoula County Jail for the offense of burglary."

No whoppers here, Rubow was jailed for stealing candy. When someone commits a crime while trespassing in Montana they can end up in a sour patch real quick. Though candy bars are valued at far less than 100 grand, Mr Rubow is facing felony charges... and that's nothing to snicker at.


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