Have you tried one of the amazing 'Ice Cream Potatoes' yet? atlasobscura.com talks about one of Idaho's favorite treats by saying, "Available at Boise’s Westside Drive In as well as most fairs and outdoor events in the capital city, the ice cream potato is a fun and unique dessert for scorching Idaho summers."

There are quite a few places, especially in the warmer months were you can find them around Idaho. They are fun, delicious and a great treat for any kid or adult. As it turns out, they are also pretty easy to make, and no it doesn't have any potatoes.

A fun, kind and simple April fools day idea is creating ice cream potatoes instead of real ones at dinner. All you need is vanilla ice cream, coco powder, whipped cream, a yellow starburst and a little prep time.

There is a whole step by step recipe on a website called Food. They even call it April Fools Fake Baked Potato. Mold the ice cream using plastic wrap and put in freezer for about 20 minutes. Once frozen roll the ice cream in coco powder until covered, slice in half to look like a cooked potato. Put a dollop of whip cream and for the butter, put an unwrapped yellow Starburst candy in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften - then press the edges out to make a larger "pat of butter".

A lot of Idaho places drizzle chocolate and top with chocolate and nut pieces. The yellow 'butter' topping makes it look more realistic at least until it starts melting.

Happy April Fools Idaho!

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