A local band in Butte is so close to winning the opportunity of a lifetime. An online battle of the bands competition has A River Runs Thru It just one step away from taking the stage with the likes of KISS and Guns N' Roses. It would be an amazing accomplishment for any act, and definitely so for this group of guys that are used to playing much smaller gigs since becoming a band just four years ago.

The online competition has been taking place through Twitch and A River Runs Thru It has progressed through the bracket and into the finals along with three other acts. A story from KXLF news in Butte says the winner will earn a spot as part of a 4-day music festival at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida. The lineup features over 65 acts and is packed with a ton of recognizable names. It will be an amazing experience for whoever ends up winning the contest but of course, we're rooting for Montana to be represented!

The band has made it deeper into the contest than most of the more than thirty acts that have been competing for the possible career-changing opportunity. How amazing would it be to see A River Runs Thru It go from playing small shows around Butte to playing for more than 10,000 people? Hey, maybe one day we'll all be watching the Behind the Music documentary of the band it will include the part where it all started by winning a competition!

The final performances and voting are actually happening as I write this. If you happen to read this while the broadcast is still happening on Twitch - you can watch HERE and see if A River Runs Thru It can win their chance to perform for the masses in Daytona.

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