Luke Bryan's "12 Days of Pranksmas" 2020 is in the thick of it now. Thursday (Dec. 17) brings us to Day 5 of Pranksmas, and Luke's wife, Caroline, isn't letting up with the tricks. This time around, though, the prank got turned around when Luke's 73-year-old mother, LeClaire, wasn't falling for it!

But there's more. For Day 5, mastermind Caroline — Luke's bride of 14 years seems to be the overall instigator behind this year's succession of practical jokes — has called in even more star power. Todd Chrisley of reality TV's Chrisley Knows Best phones in as part of the latest Pranksmas jape.

As shown in the video from Caroline, LeClaire fields a call from Chrisley. He's putting on a fake voice and trying to convince her there's a leak in her home. But Mama Bryan seems too sharp to take the bait. (Can you blame her?) After a while, she jabs back at Chrisley, and he can't help but laugh.

"My crazy friend @toddchrisley thought he was pranking my MIL @leclaire.bryan with a fake phone call about a leak in her home – BUT, she turned it around on him," Caroline explains on Instagram.

"Poor Todd tried to not break, but he cracked! I think he laughed for 20 minutes straight!"

We're not sure who had more fun in this one — LeClaire or Todd. And the best part about this prank is that it entertains not only Luke Bryan fans, but also viewers of Chrisley's growing empire of reality shows.

2020's Bryan Pranksmas has so far pulled plenty of stunts. Wednesday's (Dec. 16) featured a male stripper on a plane for Day 4. On Tuesday (Dec. 15), Day 3 showed Caroline ruining her son's deer hunt by making a whole bunch of noise instead of silent waiting for a prize buck.

Day 2 (Dec. 14) had Caroline giving LeClaire a rude awakening from bed with a rooster recording. Day 1 (Dec. 13) saw Luke convincing his wife that she'd somehow sullied a Tim Tebow Heisman trophy.

Happy Pranksmas, everybody!

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