Luke Bryan may have just finished playing spring break shows to college kids, but that doesn't mean the party stopped. Bryan stopped by 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and the talk show host had a fun little surprise for the 'Drink A Beer' singer.

"This really is crazy 'cause you started this six years ago and I think there were 4,000 people that started and this last time was 230,000 people that showed up," Ellen says about Bryan's spring break shows.

"It's the only two shows that I physically drink on stage," he says with a smile. When Ellen asked exactly how much he drinks before the shows he says "a lot" with a laugh. "After six years of doing it I've learned what to start with, what to drink during," Bryan explains.

So what does Bryan drink? "I drink a lot of beer," he says. Ellen decided to test his beer drinking abilities and bring the singer back to spring break on her talk show. Andy and Bryan face off and within seconds, Andy finishes his beer -- and puts the country singer to shame.

"What is that?" Bryan says when he sees how quickly Andy can drink.

Being the generous host that she is, she lets them try again. This time, with bigger odds. The loser has to take a tequila shot. Andy once again beats the singer within seconds and they both chase it down a shot of tequila. One thing is for certain, Bryan may not be the fastest beer chugger but he won't complain when he's handed a nice, cold beer to drink.

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