Memorial Day weekend is almost the unofficial start to summer, everyone starts thinking more about getting outdoors. Although with having more fun outside it often comes with an added price of gasoline. Whether you're filling up toys to go play around on or just filling up your tank for a road trip, saving money on gas can really add up quickly.

So, before we start the busy Memorial Day weekend I wanted to break down the cheapest gas available in Missoula right now according to Again, remember this is around 5am on Tuesday, May 22nd so things could change before you leave on Friday for the three-day weekend.

  1.  Exxon at 318 S Orange Street at $2.89 per gallon
  2. Sinclair at 1605 S Russell Street at $2.89 per gallon
  3. Holiday at 403 Russell Street South at $2.89 per gallon
  4. Conoco at 1600 South Russell St at $2.89 per gallon
  5. Conoco at 2001 Brooks Street at $2.89 per gallon

Right now if you're needing to fill up your tank and you see the gas at $2.89, pull in and fill up. Also before you start driving this weekend make sure you get some rest, don't get behind the wheel if you're already exhausted. And of course, please don't drink and drive.

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