This is all starting to have a bad feeling again! Watch the news or read the latest story online and you'll see COVID-19 case numbers are on the rise. In Missoula, masks aren't mandatory like they were - but most businesses have put signs back in the windows that say they're recommended. Things were going so good for so long.....but it feels like we've hit a bump in the road. Actually, it feels like when you hit a bump in the road and you're still driving but the tire seems like it's a bit wobbly.....then you start thinking about if it's actually wobbly or if it just seems wobbly in your head.....and your mind starts racing about all the things that could go wrong if you're traveling at a high rate of speed and the tire REALLY did have an issue. It's kind of like that - with the big bump in the road that's giving us all these problems being COVID.

We just saw the news that the National Park Service is now requiring masks at all national parks around the country. So if you're trying to squeeze in a Yellowstone or Glacier trip - better pack a mask with you.

And news today has the face mask requirement being extended when it comes to flights and public transportation (for both passengers and employees.) The mask rule was scheduled to be in effect until the middle of September - but now it'll run through at least January 18. At that point it will almost be a year that the mask rule went into effect - doing so at the end of January earlier this year.

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

As I was masked up and traveling over the weekend - I was actually wondering to myself when we might be able to do away with masks at the airport and on flights. Walking into Missoula International Airport I was thinking about how it was really the first place I had been to in a long time where I had to mask up.

It goes without saying that masks have caused some tension between flight attendants and passengers. We've all seen the videos of unruly travelers causing a fuss, getting kicked off flights, and even one that was recently duct taped to their seat. It looks like we might be getting a few more months worth of entertainment as the mask mandate for travel stays in effect.

We're all wondering what's going to happen with concerts and events as the COVID cases start to increase again. One thing we do know - you'll need to pack a mask when you're headed to the airport - at least until the middle of January.

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