In their first meeting of the new year, the Ravalli County Commissioners elected Dan Huls as chairman of the 3-member board, taking over from Jeff Burrows. Greg Chilcott is vice-chairman for 2022.

Huls is optimistic for the county, saying, "As far as our economy goes, and all things considered, Ravalli County, I think, is doing very well."

Chilcott addressed the additional funding the county has received due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. He said, "The Cares Act and ARPA funding has come in and the state also works with us, so we're trying to make good expenditures on behalf of the taxpayers to improve our infrastructure and services delivered to the citizens."

Burrows noted the Ravalli County Airport project in Hamilton, saying, "The project out there is just about done, but we did get a surprise late last month from the federal government that we will be getting another $160,000 (from the FAA). And that money will be along the same lines as our non-primary entitlement funds, so it will be used for eligible capital projects out at the airport."

At that January 3rd meeting, the commissioner also determined their representation at various boards in the valley and set the operating times and official holidays of the county offices for the next year. The Ravalli County commission meets regularly through each week, and the meetings are available on-line at the Ravalli County website. They also have archived video from previous meetings.

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