Whether you've waited in line for 17 hours to ensure a spot on the rail at your favorite concert, or you've destroyed the feeling in your legs at a music festival, you likely know the pain of the dreaded "concert feet."

Concert feet may also result from getting stomped on in the pit or dancing on a sloped, grassy amphitheater hill. And it HURTS, it burns, but it's definitely worth it.

With so much excellent live music in Missoula, it makes sense that a business that caters to concert feet would emerge. I saw this sign at the Southgate Mall and immediately sent this pic to my ride or die concert gf, together, we rejoiced.

No word on exactly when Massage Foot Care will open, but it looked close to done when I was there earlier this week, and I imagine it will be a complete foot care spa. It's located right across from the Now Care clinic at the Mall. Super exciting for Missoula nurses and other long shifters who are on their feet all day, and sometimes night.

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