Have you ever heard of 4Missoula? I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook today when I happened to see a post about the organization. It caught my attention and I started poking around, reading comments, and following links. Usually when I do that, I'll waste five minutes and not get much out of it. But today I learned about a pretty cool group that's doing some great things to help low-income kids.

My days on four wheels and a flimsy piece of wood are well behind me now. But man, when I was growing up my friends and I were all about skateboards. Living in an apartment complex with so much open blacktop.....you HAD to have a skateboard to spend those countless hours working on sweet tricks. But not every family is able to afford something as simple as a skateboard. That's where 4Missoula is making their mark in the community

Their website says: "4Missoula works with local children's advocate groups to find kids who enjoy skateboarding, want a skateboard, but are unable to afford one.  Then, with the help of our sponsors 4Missoula donates a high-quality skateboard and protective gear to these amazing kids."

It's actually a pretty cool deal for those that donate. 4Missoula creates a custom skateboard that features the donor's business or logo - like the one for Neptune Aviation below.

4Missoula has a goal of 365 skateboard donations that they're working their way through. Right now it appears that they've been able to provide about 100 boards to kids in the community so there's still quite a way to go when it comes to hitting their target.

If your business, club, or organization is interested - you can get sponsorship details from 4Missoula HERE. It looks like it takes $150 to provide a new skateboard and helmet to a low-income child in Western Montana. I bet you could send an email at work right now.....and maybe round up enough money from you and your coworkers to provide the next skateboard on the list!

If you want to help 4Missoula reach their goal of 365 skateboards - you can contact them at the following ways:

2223 S. 9th St. W
Missoula, MT 59801

Phone - 406-493-6894
Email - mark@4missoula.com
Website - www.4missoula.com

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