Visiting a national forest to find a Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition and a fun way to get outdoors for you and your family.

That's the sentiment shared by Katie Knotek, who is the Recreation Program Manager for the Lolo National Forest. And starting tomorrow, that time-honored adventure can begin in western Montana.

The Lolo National Forest has announced that Christmas tree permits will be available to purchase online and from the agency's offices starting Wednesday, November 9. Permits are only $5 each.


Lolo National Forest offices include:

>Missoula: 24 Fort Missoula Road

>Ninemile Ranger District: 20325 Remount Road, Huson

>Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District: 408 Clayton, Plains

>Seeley Lake: Seeley Lake Ranger District, 3583 Highway 83 North

Superior: Superior Ranger District, 209 West Riverside Avenue, Superior

Katie Knotek also points out, "These experiences help establish connections to the forest and can lead to a lifetime of adventures and a commitment to caring for the land.”


Do not cut trees within the Blue Mountain and Pattee Canyon Recreation areas or the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area.

Do not cut trees on private land, in wilderness areas, designated recreation sites, previously thinned areas, or existing tree plantations.

Do not cut trees visible from major roads, within 150 of streams and creeks, or in other well-used areas.

There are numerous other rules and regulations that need to be followed before you harvest that perfect Christmas tree. Things like height and width specifications, no cutting of just the tree top, scattering stump branches in the snow, and so on. Also lots of great advice and tips. You can find all that useful information, along with the online purchasing instructions here.

We hope it's a magical, fun-filled and meaningful Christmas outing for all of you.

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