This weekend there is a big show at the Adams Center, Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson from 'Parks and Rec' is in town this Saturday.

Nick Offerman's “Full Bush Tour” is at the Adams Center Saturday, September 30th. You can win tickets though if you listen to the morning show on 94.9 KYSS FM. Or you can download the KYSS app in your app store. What are you listening for? The 'Ron Swanson sounder' which means it will have some bells and whistles and then you will hear NIck Offerman's character from 'Parks and Rec'.

When you hear that be caller number 9 at 406-543-9500 to have a chance to win tickets! We will grab a qualifier today, tomorrow, and Thursday, and then call the winner on Friday.

So listen to Billy and myself from 6 am-10 am to possibly grab some tickets to this show.

Offerman Woodshop
Offerman Woodshop

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