If you've been looking for Lighthouse Espresso at their location on Broadway over the last few weeks and couldn't find them - there's a reason for that! They're not there anymore! That coffee stand - known for its iconic lighthouse shape - has been demolished for a new medical clinic.

But that doesn't mean it's gone! Lighthouse Espresso has moved to a spot on Sherwood Street, and it's actually about three times bigger than their old spot on Broadway. It's not far from where the old shop stood, and it officially opened up in July.

If you want to stop by, just know that you won't be able to hang out there for a little while - because of COVID safety protocols, they're not opening up the interior to the public just yet, even though they've been working hard to remodel it. Instead, the new Lighthouse Espresso and Bistro is currently focused on its drive through service, which features sandwiches, drinks, protein shakes, smoothie bowls and more.

It's unfortunate that they aren't opening up the inside yet, but the new building is pretty exciting - owner Yvonne Hritsco says she's been in the same spot for 16 years. Her hope is that all of her regular customers come find the new place, so if you're someone who used to stop by all the time and haven't seen the new location yet, it's time to check it out!

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