It was a little odd driving by the Western Montana Fairgrounds last week and knowing that it should have been filled with summer excitement. Instead, we put another mark in the column of events that COVID-19 has seriously altered or canceled.

I was a first-timer to the fair last year and chose the worst day to go. Rain and thunderstorms hit and forced everybody under cover after we had only been there for a short amount of time. We ended up throwing in the towel and leaving after the rains showed no signs of letting up. We vowed that we would return this year to actually see and do it all.

In my brief exposure to the Western Montana Fair last year, I stumbled upon the Lemondairy stand and thought it looked pretty delicious. After standing in a pretty decent line I was pleased that the taste lived up to my initial expectations of deliciousness. You have lemonade, you have soft serve, you have a clever name that not only combines lemon and dairy - but also sounds like the word legendary........what else could you ask for! I was definitely planning on another Lemondairy treat at the fair this year.

Everybody in town might know that Lemondairy is available as a seasonal thing outside of just the Western Montana Fair. However, you have to remember I didn't even know it was a thing until the fair last year. So I was pleased to see that you can enjoy a little goodness by visiting their Northside location.

Need a tasty treat to beat the heat? Visit Lemondairy at 1303 Worden Ave. from 4 PM - 8PM every Friday and Saturday.


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