I am only a beginner tier and this pattern was taught to me by my friend Sam, this is a great little streamer for Trout or even Pike.

This was a fun one to tie and not that difficult, You start with your hook and thread, buildup a little bit and attach the eye about half an inch from the eye of the hook. Then starts the body by tying in the marabou, Tie in your schlappen, hold that back though whole and then get a dubbin thread going and get a body built up. Then build up the dubbin on a thread and get the body built up. Then you feather in the schlappen, and then use more dubbin at the front as kind of a 'face'.


Marabou, Shclappen, dubbin', dumbbell eyes, rabbit fur, hook and thread.

Maybe we will get Sam out at a Fly Tying this winter!


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