Missoula Police Chief Jaeson White held a ZOOM press conference on Thursday to relate the details of the fatal shooting by a police officer of Jesse James Kale Brown that occurred on November 7.

Chief White walked through the incident step by step, starting with the initial call to 9-1-1 in which a partner or family member assault was underway, and police were dispatched.

“The initial responding officer approached the front door of the residence,” said Chief White. “The officer knocked on the door and announced ‘police’. When the front door was opened, the officer was immediately confronted by Mr. Brown, who was armed with a knife. The officer ordered him to drop the knife which he refused to do.”

Chief White said the officer followed protocol in attempting to stop the suspect from proceeding with the assault.

“The officer discharged his taser in an effort to stop the assault on him,” he said. “The taser was ineffective and Mr. Brown continued his assault on the officer. Fearing for his own life and safety, the officer fired four rounds from his department-issued weapon. The involved officer and a backup officer who had just arrived on scene then immediately began life saving efforts and called for emergency medical assistance. Despite these efforts, Mr. Brown succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene.”

Chief White said there are multiple investigations underway into the incident.

“The Missoula Police Department will conduct an administrative investigation using the information from Department of Criminal Investigation to determine the officers compliance with departmental policies and procedures.” He said. “The officer involved in this incident has five and a half years of law enforcement experience. The officer has never been the recipient of any disciplinary actions or citizens complaints. In his time with the Missoula police department, the officer has received compliments from the public for his professionalism and his earned a life saving award.”

Chief White was asked why the city’s new crisis intervention team wasn’t called to respond to the incident, instead of armed police officers.

“This call for service was not someone in crisis,” he said. “The call for service that went to 911 was for an active ongoing partner family member assault, so this is not a call that would have gone straight to the mobile crisis intervention team.”

Another reporter asked if the incident was captured by the officer’s body camera, and if that would be used in the investigation.

“The incident was captured by the officer’s body worn camera,” he said. “Yes DCI has that as part of their evidence and as part of their investigation package, and when they are completed, it will be turned over to the Missoula county attorney's office.”

The officer involved is on administrative leave, and there will be a coroner’s inquest into the shooting, but no date was released.


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