Kix Brooks is a man of many talents -- in addition to being an award-winning country icon, he's an actor and film producer -- but because of his busy roster, he doesn’t always have time to accept the roles offered to him, no matter how big.

During a recent interview with ABC News Radio, Brooks revealed that he actually had to turn down a role on the hit drama ‘Nashville.’

“They gave me a great opportunity,” Brooks admits, “Made me an offer to play a great part about a homeless person who had been in the music business and was kind of washed up. It was, like, six episodes."

Although the singer was excited about the possibility, he was unable to join the cast because of his busy touring schedule. 'Forrest Gump' alum Mykelti Williamson took the role instead.

"I really, really wanted to do it," Brooks recalls, "but it’s not like you can go cancel shows because you gotta do another one."

Thankfully, the talented performer is still finding ways to appear on television. He is hosting a new television show, ‘Steak Out With Kix Brooks,’ which follows his cross-country search for the best steak.

"There’s not really a good steak show out there, and, of course, steak and wine go good together,” he says, grinning. "Steakhouses in the community sort of speak to the personality. Every small town and big town have their steakhouse, and they have their own personalities."

Many big names -- including Florida Georgia Line and Kellie Pickler  -- have previously performed on 'Nashville,' which is a homage to the country music industry. The show returned to small screens on Feb. 4 after its winter hiatus.

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