The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry recently revealed that she has a boyfriend, and some diligent detective work indicates that it's Toronto Blue Jays catcher JP Arencibia. Fans and followers may have noticed the singer in a Blue Jays hoodie, but the most obvious clues come from the major leaguer's Twitter account

Kix 106.7 in Ontario was the first to dig into who the oldest of the three Perry siblings might be dating. Amongst their 10 reasons to believe the two are an item include Arencibia's tweet that "Kimberly Perry might be the most beautiful girl in the world," including a photo of him in a recording studio, as well as another tweet that says his date for this Valentine's Day is #themostbeautifulgirlintheworld.

Kimberly Perry Blue Jays

Reports indicate that Arencibia also lives in Nashville (he played college ball at the University of Tennessee). Perhaps the most definitive piece evidence is the photo of Perry in Blue Jays sweatshirt. According to Kix 106.7, she posted the picture herself, writing, "raise your hand if you’re having a bad day." Arencibia posted the same photo, adding, "raise your hand if you think that’s the best hoodie ever."

Nashville Gab reports that Perry admitted to having a boyfriend in a radio interview. Is it this 27-year-old? He certainly seems to like country music.

It's unlikely that Arencibia will be able to accompany Perry to any approaching country music events, as the MLB season begins in April, with spring training already underway. This will be his fourth year in the major leagues. Last season, the catcher hit .233 with 18 home runs in 102 games for the Blue Jays. Oh, and he found a homer with Perry, too.

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