School is starting back up but things are obviously a little different as we say goodbye to summer this year. Missoula's students can split time between school and home - or parents can opt to have their kids spend the full year doing virtual learning from home. Either way, that's a lot more "together time" for you and your kids than any previous school year has seen.  And parents, you're allowed to admit that you look forward to getting the kids out of the house for a bit so you don't go crazy.

Westside Lanes has you covered if you're looking for something to entertain the kids (or the whole family.) They've announced that they're extending their Kids Bowl Free offer until December 7th! The offer is good for kids ages 2-15. You can check available hours, see terms & conditions, and register your children HERE.

Bowling at Westside Lanes had to be put on hold for over two months as we were in the beginning stages of COVID-19. Since they've reopened at the beginning of June there's been additional emphasis put on social distancing and sanitation. Hand sanitizer is offered and suggested, only five people per lane are allowed, and when you're done bowling you leave your ball on the lane for the staff to sanitize before they make it available for other bowlers.

An added layer of customer protection is that the lanes on either side of the lane you bowl in are blocked off. That gives you even more space than the suggested distance of staying 6 feet away from others.

Keep a bit of sanity as kids spend school days at home - get them on the lanes!! Sign up for Kids Bowl Free at Westside Lanes HERE.

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