You wouldn't be the parent that you are if you didn't worry about your child's safety 24/7! And with all the weirdos running around Missoula lately, it might not be a bad idea to teach your kiddos a little self-defense!

My girl Rachel Plumage feels the same way, so she put together a kids kickboxing class at Ridge Fitness, that not only teaches them basic self-defense skills, but is also an amazing workout! This kickboxing class gives our kids an outlet to release any/all excess energy or pent up frustrations in a safe and positive environment!

Trust me, there's no one I'd rather have teach my kids how to kick box than Rachel! She's the best!

Plus check out the photos below to see her epic guest instructors, Matt and Conall Powers, who helped out the last class! So cool!!!

For more info. on Kids Kickboxing @ Ridge Fitness, click HERE!!!

Rachel Plumage
Rachel Plumage

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