Earlier this year, I popped into the northside KettleHouse taproom in search of food and beer. It was my first time being in the building after thinking it was such a cool location. After learning they didn't do food, we decided to enjoy our beverages somewhere we could also stuff our faces. I figured I would get back some other time. And then, they announced they were closing down due to effects from the global pandemic.

It's crazy to think that a month has already passed since we heard the news of KettleHouse Brewing closing the northside taproom. And at that time, their taproom at 602 Myrtle St. was only open for pickup and delivery, so things were a bit rough. But, after the bummer news of the northside taproom closing, KettleHouse shared some exciting news today as they announced the southside location is once again OPEN for business!

Here's a few things of note that the staff at KettleHouse mentioned on their Facebook page..........

**We’ll be serving up pints every day 3-8pm. 

**We’ve made a few changes to ensure safety, including our new table service model! Our Clean Table Indicators will be green side up to signify freshly sanitized tables upon your arrival. See you at the K-Hole!!!

**We'll no longer be running our delivery service, but you can order beer for pickup through our online portal at www.kettlehouse.com

**We will no longer be running our growler exchange program and will be filling all clean growlers again! (Yes that includes Golden Growlers)


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